Learn about Liner Supply’s respected glass-reinforced plastic manufacturing partner Brianza Plastica.

Brianza Plastica: Leading European Manufacturer of Fibreglass (GRP) Laminates

Brianza Plastica, headquartered in Carate Brianza, Italy has been manufacturing outstanding fibreglass products since 1962, expanding its operations in Europe and the United States. The company is currently the only European manufacturer capable of supplying fibreglass laminates obtained by both continuous hot-lamination and discontinuous cold-lamination processes, giving them maximum production flexibility to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

The products Liner Supply distributes include:

With a commitment to providing high quality products, the company has continued to grow, expanding its range and finishes of flat sheets. Brianza Plastica now operates four production facilities in Italy and a distribution facility in the United States:

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