Learn about Liner Supply’s respected adhesives / sealants manufacturing partner HB Fuller / Kommerling.

HB Fuller / Kommerling: Global trendsetter in adhesive systems

HB Fuller, founded in 1887 and headquartered in Minnesota United States is a global leader in adhesive manufacturing with factories and customers worldwide. HB Fuller’s acquisition of Royal Adhesives in 2017 brought its annual turnover to $2.3 billion and included the Kommerling brand and technology. Kommerling, founded in 1897 is headquartered in Pirmasens Germany and is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and sealants. HB Fuller / Kommerling is committed to innovative adhesive systems, and continually develops new, leading-edge products.

The products Liner Supply distributes include:
  • Swiftbond 1K PUR
  • Korapur 2K PUR
  • Korapop STP

HB Fuller / Kommerling values innovative research and development and have some of the most modern production facilities. The company is committed to providing products of the highest quality, as well as customer-focused consultation. The company is a global trendsetter for PUR and STP adhesive systems and has significantly influenced the market with its innovative product ideas.

HB Fuller / Kommerling works closely with customers to ensure that practical and innovative adhesive systems meet a wide variety of international standards and norms. In addition, the company is fully committed to environmental sustainability in processes, procedures, research, development, production, and logistics.

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