Explore Eylplan high quality fibreglass (GRP) manufactured by Brianza Plastica.

Elyplan Fibreglass Sheets & Coils from Brianza Plastica

Elyplan: Gelcoat sheets and rolls produced by continuous production process.

Elyplan from Brianza Plastica is a continuous machine-made fibreglass laminate with an isophatalic gel-coat. Branzia Plastica production facilities for this product line are designed for maximum flexibility using state of the art machinery to produce laminates that meet your exact specifications.

The continuous production process achieves the highest possible polymerization of the composite material resulting in laminates with consistently superior quality. This technology results in a perfectly flat product with very tight dimensional tolerances and provides the economic advantages of the continuous production process.

Brianza Plastica’s firm commitment to manufacturing top-quality products means that only the finest raw materials are used to produce Elyplan laminates. The Elyplan gelcoat is made from highly elastic isophthalic resins, ensuring high resistance to yellowing, and impermeability to water vapor and condensations.

Elyplan completely protects sensitive insulations and timber-based elements from humidity. It also helps maintain insulation material integrity ensuring HACCP certifications are kept on a long-term basis.

Elyplan is ideal for a variety of applications including building panels, cold storage rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, and medical facilities.

Key features include:

  • High UV resistance
  • Completely impermeable surface
  • Economical yet completely customizable for specific applications

Elyplan Product, Materials, and Finish Options: Brianza Plastica offers a variety of options to meet your specific requirements.

Product Options:

Elyplan Extra Glass

Elyplan Extra Glass is fabricated with a high percentage of glass that ensures high mechanical strength together with a low specific weight. This product is suitable for applications that require high impact resistance, and is available with or without gelcoat. Further details click here.

Elyplan Embossed

Elyplan Embossed is available in rolls or sheets, is easily washable, and is suited for medical and other environments where surfaces must be cleaned regularly. Elyplan embossed is supplied without gelcoat. Further details click here.


No Bac laminate eliminates almost all traces of bacteria and prevents subsequent bacteria from forming on its surface. This innovative technology is permanently integrated into the product and is distributed across the entire surface, providing active protection against bacteria. No Bac is ideal for any environment with high hygiene requirements, schools, health facilities, kitchens, bathrooms, spas, gyms and shopping centres. Further details click here.


Finishing Options:

Outer Side Finish Options :

  • Film Protection: To avoid possible damage during handling.
  • Colours: Options found in the RAL code or other colours on request.

Inner Surface Finish Options:

  • Corona Treatment: A high voltage, high frequency, low current wave which increases the surface energy and wetting out of the laminate, resulting in a smooth surface for bonding with polyurethane mono/bi-component glues.
  • Mechanically Sanded: To provide a good bonding surface.
  • Smooth: Surface with no treatment.