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JACKODUR Atlas: Energy efficient slab insulation

JACKODUR Atlas is specifically designed for dual-purpose use as formwork and thermal insulation in floor slab applications. Its unique feature is the innovative, cost-effective interlocking system that makes it possible to insulate foundation slabs for all types of buildings and layouts without creating thermal bridges.
As a result, JACKODUR Atlas slab insulation provides indoor climate comfort without thermal bridges while effectively reducing installation and energy costs.

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Key features include:
  • Combined formwork and insulation in one
  • Available as individual elements or complete matching prefabricated system with installation plan
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation
  • Interlocking joints make installation easy, no adhesives or fixings required
Product Specifications:
  • Insulation thicknesses from 80-320 mm for floor plates up to 500 mm
  • Certified compliance with passive house standards
  • Wide range of thicknesses; secure and approved single-layer installation
Ideal Application:
  • To insulate building slabs, especially in energy-saving and passive houses
  • To prevent thermal bridges
  • Proven durable thermal insulation
  • To save time and money when pouring floor slabs
  • JACKODUR Atlas 300
  • JACKODUR Atlas 500
  • JACKODUR Atlas 700